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Wild Dolls Review

Reviewed: 2005-09-26
Quick site rank and complete review of Wild Dolls | Categories: Video

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poor rank
Our Rating: 67/100

Quality of Content: 20/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 8/15

Update Frequency: 6/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 3/5

Originality: 5/10

Navigation: 2/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

WildDolls.com promises over 30 categories of European adult DVDs, 6 different languages and 14 studios. In addition to 610 movies, you get hardcore pics and comics.

My Opinion About WildDolls

Update - Posted on September 26th, 2005: At first glance, WildDolls.com has grown substantially since Porn Adept visited last year. Navigation isn't the easiest ever, especially within the movie database, because of the ever-present stream window.

The site now includes over 600 clips, but it's impossible to tell how many different DVDs these clips are from. Most clips are in the 5- to 15-minutes range, but there's also a significant number of movies (more than 160) that are between 15 and 40 minutes in length. Offering the choice between streaming in the embedded player or through QuickTime Player, the movies come in screen sizes that vary from 384x288 to 720x576 pixels. Technically, their quality is very good, with a very well lit and crisp image. Despite that, I wasn't particularly impressed with the look of some of them, which seemed dated and worn-out.

There are now also 28 teen, 25 hardcore, and 20 S/M Fetish photo galleries. Each of them can have between 30 and 90 extremely high-quality .jpg files. Their sizes vary a lot, but you won't be disappointed by them. In addition to this content, there's a series of exclusive comics and erotic flash games. End of Update.

Original Review Follows: WildDolls.Com is a very new video site, started less than 2 months ago. And as usually, it would probably be better for the owners to wait a little more with the review request. Why you might ask? Well, as any new site, this one still has a few flaws that need to be removed in order to classify for a quality rank. Anyways, the site is not all that bad, so let me tell you more about it.

Wilddolls.com is a site dedicated to streaming adult movies, covering a wide area of genres. From what I have seen, these movie clips seem to be produced by European companies in the majority of cases and a lot of the girls starring in these flicks have been completely unknown to me. You will see a nice variation of girls, coming from different places, speaking various languages (not all clips are in English).

At the date of my visit, the site didn't contain a huge amount of content, especially not for a streaming video site. Judging by their search function, there should be slightly under 140 movie clips available for streaming. That sounds like a big number, however many of these clips are just about 1-5 minutes long, with only few running longer than 10 minutes. Still, the majority of the clips is 8-10 minutes long, so the site is not short of content, it just needs time to grow to a decent size.

Like I mentioned already, the clips on this site cover a lot of genres, or let me say categories. However, some of them are still empty, which doesn't make a good impression. This might go away with time, but I am rating what I see now :( Let me mention just a few categories so you can get an idea : anal, bisexuals, black babes, blondes, blow jobs, bondage, brunettes ... as you can see their categorization is very detailed.

I am sure you would like to hear a few words about the picture quality of these movies - you shouldn't be disappointed as the movie clips are offered in very good quality. You should be able to choose from 2 types of viewing - either directly in the browser (in lower quality) or in separate Quick Time player window. From some reason I was not able to use the second option - I guess it has to do with the server configuration or the site owner made some mistake and hopefully this will be solved with time. Those of you who own the Pro version of Quick Time, should be also able to download the movies and watch them later on. However, the Pro version costs about $30 bucks, so it rises the price of the membership pretty much.

The bonus content of Wild Dolls - a few good picture galleries (both hardcore and softcore), some adult comics and an erotic flash game.

Final Verdict

I think that's all there is to write about this site, it's not planned bad, but needs time to grow. I would also recommend to work on the site design a bit, especially the navigation, because the playing window takes up to much place. And lastly - why offer streaming movies, when you can let us download them? :-) For now, I don't think this site is worth the money, and there are a few much better choices out there - for example TEN (for streaming videos) or Videosz (for downloadable videos).

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User Comments

2007 Oct 05, 13:19, US
Wow best shit ever! finally movies for the iphone that works, about frigging time if you ask me, this lameass review must be from last century!

2006 Aug 24, 09:07, germany
good site that delivers whats promised, not many american vids but thats fine with me

2004 Sep 18, 12:12, N.Y.
Best search engine in the porn biz! these guys deliver

2004 Aug 18, 01:08, Germany
Very good videos that downloads fast and with some really cool features to, could be more movies but they seem to put up new movies rapidly.